Cedar Rapids, IA



375 Collins Rd NE Ste 107
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Our investigator enters this CPC posing as a college student who was new to the area, unemployed, and suspects that she might be pregnant. When the self-administered pregnancy test comes back negative she asks the Birthright counselor if they sell birth control at the center. The counselor responds, “we don’t sell baby-killing things.” The Birthright counselor later refers to birth control as “death and destruction drugs.” While advising our investigator against seeking out birth control, the Birthright counselor explicitly says that birth control “kills a baby.” The Birthright counselor continues to tell our investigator that some doctors will “probably laugh at [her]” if she were to ask them about the risks associated with hormonal contraceptives.

Not only are such statements medically incorrect and inflammatory, but The Crisis Project believes that advising someone against seeking out reproductive health care from a medical professional is socially irresponsible.

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